Saturday, June 12, 2010

Post # 49: The City by the Bay

Photos from my 24 hour layover in San Francisco

No green machines like this one cruising the financial district of Kampala, Uganda
On the right is a catholic church. On the left is the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Fitting.
Window cleaners looking like they're gonna log a few overtime hours
The farmers are in possession of the San Francisco municipal water supply!
Now this is the San Francisco I was expecting
Hilly city
On Nov. 20, 1969 a group of Native Americans stormed and held the island for nineteen months
The federal government eventually got its land back, but publicity from the event pushed it to meet a number of demands made by the occupiers and Native American lobbyists for years to come. 

Golden Gate Bridge

Three historic, beautiful, shiny cable cars sitting in front of a f---ing parking structure
Fisherman's Wharf
Great looking house on Lombard Street (the world's crookedest street)
This one looks like it is being squished by its neighbors
Great name for a playground
I stumbled across an old-world Yiddish wedding, emceed by this guy

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